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Bug Page, Possible Bug Page, Design Issue (In forum as a Major or Sticky Topic.

How about a page for error reporting. Title, type of bug (error, cosmetic, usage with numbering priority. It is similar to source forge. And on this page we mentioned if resolve, who resolve, who submit post, date, etc.

How about a different page whereby we report a bug and if it is confirm to be a bug then it goes to abov

With above two pages, it is easier not to forget a file. for the read me file and install file would be in synch with Nick forum posting to use relevant example and not the word example in his example.

Design Issues. For example, Dragon post on category. Or my issue, curl should be mention as required since it is needed in step 4 for I did not install the plugin or select curl in my install. Also, php.ini does not set cutl to be on by default.

Forum is fine as a filter. But having a bug list is better for developers to solve the problem and to select base on there expertise. tx