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Resetting Your Password

Resetting Your Admin Password

If all else fails, here is how to reset your password in the database by hand.

Generate a random nine-character string (called the salt) in your favorite way, preferably hex digits. For instance, fb85b236b.

Select your new password. For example, admin.

Now, you need to take the SHA1 hash of your salt concatenated with your password. Like, in this example, you take the string fb85b236badmin and hash it to get the SHA1 hash: 8de4f7949bef6ec2a948ad62f27dd279a33880ee

(There is a web page that will give you this SHA1 hash: )

Now, login to your mysql database, usually something like this:
mysql -u me -p hotarucms
and run the following command (replacing the hex digits below with your salt followed by your hash, and replacing the admin user name, if necessary).
UPDATE hotaru_users SET user_password="fb85b236b8de4f7949bef6ec2a948ad62f27dd279a33880ee" WHERE user_username="admin";

You should be all set with your new password now.

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