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Plugin Dependencies

Plugin A requires Plugin B

With plugins playing such a large role in Hotaru CMS, it's important that they play nicely with each other.

If your plugin relies on other plugins to function, specify them with "requires: " in the comments section at the top of your plugin file. E.g:

 * name: Example plugin
 * description: Doesn't do anything
 * version: 0.1
 * folder: example
 * class: ExamplePlugin
 * requires: submit 0.1, users 0.1
 * hooks: install_plugin, theme_index_top

Important! The "requires: " line should be a comma-separated list of plugin_folder *space* plugin_version pairs.

If your plugin doesn't require any other plugins, don't include "requires: ". An empty "requires: " will generate an error.

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