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Installing Your First Plugins

When you first visit Hotaru's Plugin Management page in Admin, the number of plugins can be quite overwhelming, especially if you've uploaded a Quick Start Plugin Pack or are working from the SVN.

Install order for a social bookmarking site

Here's a quick start guide for the order in which the main plugins should be installed:

First, install the plugins that have no dependencies (How?):

  • Bookmarking
  • User Signin
  • Widgets

Then install key plugins that depend on those:

  • Users
  • Submit
  • Comments
  • Category Manager

Now those are done, the rest are easy. Here are the other must-have plugins to bring your social bookmarking site together:

  • Categories
  • Search
  • Tags
  • Vote
  • Post Manager
  • User Manager
  • Comment Manager

Now you're free to pick and choose other plugins to enhance your site from those that remain.

When you're done, enable the DB_CACHE from the Admin -> Settings page.

Note: As of Hotaru 1.3, many of the plugin dependencies were removed, but the above install order is still recommended.

Configure the plugins

Next, click Plugin Settings and go through the list of settings pages for each plugin to configure your site.

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