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How to Make a Theme Settings Page

Theme designers can include settings for their themes which users can adjust from Admin -> Theme Settings -> theme name.

The settings page itself is very simple, but it does show a few details about the theme, including a link to the author's own website. This tutorial explains how to create a settings page with options to enable or disable sidebars, as used by the Bars theme.

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Editing the index.php file

First, the theme details added to the top of the settings page are drawn from the comment block at the top of the theme's index.php file:

 * name: Bars
 * description: Flexible two or three column theme
 * version: 0.1
 * author: Nick Ramsay
 * authorurl:
 * etc...

To hide or display sidebars, the index.php file does these things:

1. It gets the current settings:

// get settings:
$bars = $h->getThemeSettings();

2. It sets up some variables to determine the width of each enabled block, and the number for each widget block.

3. It includes a few conditions around each sidebar to determine whether to show it or not.

Those last two go beyond the scope of this tutorial, which intended for creating a theme settings page.

Creating a settings.php file

The settings page needs a new template file called settings.php. Here is the full code that generates the page in the first screen shot above:

// If the form has been submitted, save the data...
if ($h->cage->post->getAlpha('submitted') == 'true')
    $bars['left'] = ($h->cage->post->keyExists('left_bar')) ? 'checked' : '';
    $bars['right'] = ($h->cage->post->keyExists('right_bar')) ? 'checked' : '';
    $h->updateThemeSettings($bars, 'bars');
    $h->showMessage('Settings updated', 'green');
// If the user wants to revert to the defaults...
if ($h->cage->get->getAlpha('reset') == 'true')
    $bars = $h->getThemeSettings('bars', 'default');
    $h->updateThemeSettings($bars, 'bars', 'value');
    $h->showMessage('Reverted to default settings', 'green');
// Default settings:
$defaults['left'] = '';
$defaults['right'] = 'checked';
// Get settings from database if they exist...
$bars = $h->getThemeSettings('bars');
if (!$bars) { 
    $h->updateThemeSettings($defaults, 'bars', 'both');     // inserts settings for the first time
    $bars = $defaults;                                      // use the defaults
<form name='theme_settings_form' action='<?php echo BASEURL; ?>admin_index.php?page=theme_settings&amp;theme=bars' method='post'>
<p><input type='checkbox' name='left_bar' value='left_bar' <?php echo $bars['left']; ?>>&nbsp;&nbsp;Enable left sidebar</p>
<p><input type='checkbox' name='right_bar' value='right_bar' <?php echo $bars['right']; ?>>&nbsp;&nbsp;Enable right sidebar</p>
<br />
<input type='hidden' name='submitted' value='true' />
<input type='submit' value='<?php echo $h->lang["main_form_save"]; ?>' />
<input type='hidden' name='csrf' value='<?php echo $h->csrfToken; ?>' />
<br />
<a href="<?php echo BASEURL; ?>admin_index.php?page=theme_settings&amp;theme=bars&amp;reset=true"><?php echo $h->lang["admin_theme_theme_revert_settings"]; ?></a>
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