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Hotaru SVN

HotaruCMS and extensions SVN development

HotaruCMS development hosted on the Assembla project space. You can SVN checkout the project from the SVN URL or view the repository online.

All the plugins, themes and translation packs are under version control on Assembla. You can SVN checkout the Hotaru Extensions project repository from the SVN URL or view the repository online.

Instructions for using TortoiseSVN to get the SVN repositories

  1. Download TortoiseSVN and install it. (Maybe you'll need to restart your computer).
  2. Create a folder named hotaru to store the incoming files.
  3. Right-click the folder and click TortoiseSVN->SVN Checkout. Put in the URL of repository field and click OK.
  4. The HotaruCMS trunk will be downloaded to the folder.
  5. Whenever there's a new commit in the Event Stream, right-click the folder and click SVN Update to include the latest changes.
One thing to note: It will take you ages to upload that folder to the web because of all the .svn folders in it. However, if you right-click the folder, click TortoiseSVN->Export... and export all versioned files to a new folder. That will give you an unversioned copy (without all the little green circles and .svn folders).

Advanced: Installing Directly from SVN

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