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Hotaru Class

The Hotaru class is the engine of your site. It includes a number of files such as class libraries, utility files and third party extensions. It initializes the database and pulls in the settings stored in the database.

It sets up Inspekt for input filtering and validation and then checks for a cookie so users can log in. The bulk of Hotaru.php is used for shortcuts to most of the functions in other classes.

Creating a new Instance

The Hotaru class is created in index.php and admin_index.php when the web pages first initialize.

// includes
$h = new Hotaru();
$h->start('main'); // or "admin" in admin_index.php

The settings file is included first and a new $h (Hotaru) object is constructed. The constructor and start method in Hotaru.php* sets up everything and finally displays the index template from your theme folder.

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