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Function Reference

Hotaru was built with PHP and contains many useful function calls. Some of the functions, are defined specifically for use in Hotaru Themes. There are also functions related to actions and filters, which are used primarily for developing Plugins. The rest are used to create the core Hotaru functionality.

Many of the core Hotaru functions are useful to Plugin and Theme developers. This article lists most of the core functions, excluding Template Tags.

Functions by category

Post Functions


Post insertion/removal


RSS Feed


Category, Tag Functions


Category Creation

Tags functions for tags are handled through the plugins

Announcements, Messages

User and Author Functions

Users and Authors

User auth

User insertion/removal


Login / Logout Login or Logout for user functions are handled through the plugins

Plugin Functions

Settings functions

Comment and Trackback Functions
Theme-Related Functions

Settings functions

Other functions

Maintenance Functions

Caching Functions

Debug, Log Functions

Blocked Functions

Formatting Functions

The following classes were created by Hotaru developers, and are used within the core Hotaru code.

The following classes were created by outside developers.


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