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Hotaru has been developed with a focus on flexibility and scalability of the code. The core files for Hotaru are extremely light and relay upon a set of plugins to provide functionality for the Site. The plugins are where Hotaru really comes to life.

The core set of plugins which are installed on a typical Hotaru installation have been created by the developers of Hotaru giving thought to the most common uses required for a Site build. We fully expect that users will think of their own uses for Hotaru and may have the need to build upon Hotaru's core framework.

This section of the Codex offers guidelines and references for anyone wishing to modify, extend, or contribute to Hotaru.

You may also wish to consult the Developer Documentation FAQ

CAUTION: Programming Required
In the following we are discussing ways in which you can program Hotaru, change Theme designs and 'dig into' the plugin's code to change the way Hotaru works for you. The level of detail here is beyond what most non-programmer users require. If you run into difficulty, you may post questions to the Hotaru Forums.

Theme Development

Plugin Development

  • Writing a Plugin - Best starting place for learning about how to develop plugins
  • Plugin Resources - Comprehensive list of other references for plugin development
  • Plugin API - Hooks, Actions, and Filters to use in your Plugins
  • Function Reference - Complete PHP function reference for Hotaru
  • Shortcode API - A tutorial and reference for the shortcode API
  • Dashboard Widgets API - A reference with examples for adding new widgets to the admin dashboard.
  • Data Validation - A must-read for Hotaru plugin authors. Describes the functions used by Hotaru to validate and sanitize data. Plugin authors should be familiar with these functions and ideas.
  • Migrating Plugins and Themes - Contains information on how to upgrade your Plugin so it will work from version to version of Hotaru
  • Hotaru Coding Standards - General information about coding standards for Hotaru development
  • Plugin Submission and Promotion - Once you have written your plugin, here are some hints on distributing it widely

Contributing to Hotaru

  • Contributing to Hotaru - Main starting point if you would like to contribute to core Hotaru development, documentation, support, translations, or financial health
  • Data Validation - A must-read for Hotaru contributors. Describes the functions used by Hotaru to validate and sanitize data. Developers contributing to Hotaru codebase should be familiar with these functions and ideas.

Forums, Lists, and Blogs

Other Information of Interest

External Resources

Hotaru Source Code

    • Latest Version at - Latest released version (updates automatically every week).
    • Trunk at SVN - Development version (from SVN; updates automatically every day).

Other Resources

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