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Admin Control Panel

Below are the pages in Hotaru's Admin section, with descriptions of each.

Admin Home

The Admin Home page is divided into three parts: a navigation menu, an RSS feed of recent posts in the Hotaru CMS Forums and a column of site statistics:

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The account page is used in the absence of the Users plugin or similar, enabling the site admin to change his or her login details even when no plugins are installed.


The Settings page provides system options such as site name, theme, friendly urls and site email. Additional settings are added on Plugin Settings pages.

Read more details here: Admin Settings


The Maintenance page is divided into six sections and is extendible by plugins. Here's a brief overview of each section:

  1. Site: Open and close your Hotaru site; Post a site announcement
  2. Cache: Clear all the cache folders
  3. Debug: View and remove debug files; Generate and view a system report
  4. Optimize: Optimize database tables; Update the post archive
  5. Plugin Settings: Remove settings for individual plugins
  6. Database Tables: Delete database tables you no longer need

Blocked List

This is a list of usernames, email addresses, URLs and IP addresses which you want to block from registration or post submission. Items can be added and removed manually.

The most common means of adding items is automatically when killspamming or deleting a user in the User Manager plugin. In that event, the username and email address are added to the list, but the user's IP address is not.

As well as individual urls and email addresses, it's possible to block entire domains (e.g. ""), domain extensions (e.g. ".ru"), and email domains (e.g. ""), too.

Plugin Management

The Plugin Management page is the command center for your website. You can install, enable, view info, move, disable and uninstall the plugins that determine how your site functions.

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For instructions on how to install and upgrade plugins, see:

Plugin Settings

Some plugins provide their own settings pages. These are listed in the left sidebar of the Admin CP. The contents of these settings pages varies by plugin, but some of more useful ones are User Manager, Post Manager and Comment Manager.

Theme Settings

Themes in your /content/themes folder will be listed below #Plugin Settings in the Admin sidebar. Not all themes provide settings pages, but they all have an activation link which serves as a quick alternative to changing the THEME name in Admin Settings. After activating a theme, it's always a good idea to clear the caches from #Maintenance and do a hard refresh (CTRL+F5).

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